Imaging Sciences Laboratory

Applied Research in Academic, Industrial, and Governmental Contexts

Imaging Sciences Laboratory - Universidad Nacional del Sur and CONICET - San Andrés 800 - (8000) Bahía Blanca - ARGENTINA

The Imaging Sciences Laboratory pioneers research, teaching and I+D+i activities in Argentina and Latin America in Image Processing, Computer Graphics, and Visualization. The current staff includes six full-time fellows of the National Research and Technology Council of Argentina (CONICET), four postdoctoral fellows, 12 Ph.D. candidates, and several national and international interns. The main activities are related to pure and applied research in image and video analysis, multifractality, complexity theory, and deep learning, with more than 120 SCI indexed papers, 20 doctoral dissertations, and breakthrough interaction with other research groups worldwide in medical imaging, biometrics, shape analysis, biomedical signal analysis, remote sensing, environmental monitoring, digital ergonomy, and many other topics. The group also actively participates in the development and deployment of innovative products for more than 20 companies and institutions, including governmental and third sector organizations, and has been awarded several national innovation prizes. Here we present some ongoing projects, with application in different contexts that illustrate the breadth of the Lab's activities1.