Variación temporal y espacial de la colonia de Elefantes Marinos en Península Valdés
January 19, 2018
Comparison of iterative reconstruction methods (IR) for the applicability to analyse the spongiosa
January 19, 2018


Development of Structural parameters of the human vertebra for High Resolution Quantitative Computed Tomography (HRQCT) (Cooperation with Claus-Christian Glüer)

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Local fractal dimension on 3D HRQCT volumes
Estimation of the local plate-rod-likeness on HRQCT volume
Development of structural gray scale parameters rather than parameters working on the binary representation of the volume

Comparison of a standard High Resolution Quantitative Computed Tomography (HRQCT) scan and a preclinical scan with a Xtreme CT (HRpQCT) of the same region in a human bone.