Development of Structural parameters of the human vertebra for High Resolution Quantitative Computed Tomography
January 19, 2018
Development of an 3D bone analysis software “Structural Insight”
January 19, 2018


Comparison of iterative reconstruction methods (IR) for the applicability to analyse the spongiosa (Cooperation with University of Cologne)

Sobre el proyecto

State of the art reconstruction methods of Philips and Siemens
Large number of reconstructions, repeated scans under simulated in-vivo conditions.
Different settings 120kVp with 100mAs and 250mAs (QCT) and 360mAs (HR-QCT)

1. Filtered back projection (FBP) for reference scan

2. for simulated in-vivo scan

3. “iDose 1”

4. “iDose 5”

5. “IMR 1P”

6. “IMR 2P”

7. “IMR 1R”